We'll help launch your product in Japan through imbulk, a specialized wholesale site for organic food in Japan

Do you have an interest in the Japanese market? If you are involved in the production of organic food, imbulk may be able to assist with your expansion into Japan. We operate a service called imbulk in Japan. It is a wholesale platform for organic food aimed at connecting organic food manufacturers with restaurants and retail stores. If you face challenges such as not having a Japanese subsidiary or lacking a representative in Japan, we can help address those issues. If you recognize us as the exclusive distributor in Japan, we will list your products on imbulk for free and sell them to Japanese buyers. Additionally, beyond imbulk, we will utilize multiple channels to promote your products, reaching Japanese restaurants and high-end supermarkets, ensuring the sale of your products in Japan.

Three Services We Can Provide for Selling Your Products in Japan

To expand your company's organic food presence in Japan, we have prepared three services for you

Selling to Japanese Buyers through imbulk

We will sell your products to Japanese buyers on imbulk on your behalf.

Sample Distribution Service

We will distribute samples of your company's products to restaurants and retail stores in Japan.

Conducting quarantine in advance

To ensure smooth imports to Japan, pre-import food inspections will be conducted.

Sell Directly to Japanese Buyers

List your products for free on our organic wholesale platform, imbulk, and sell them to Japanese buyers. We handle product registration, order processing, and shipping. With registered buyers, including restaurants and supermarkets, on imbulk, you're likely to find interested customers for your products. This service is available upon entering into a distributor agreement with us.

Tasting Sample Distribution Service in Japan

By utilizing our tasting sample distribution service, you can have samples of your products distributed to retail establishments in Japan, such as restaurants and supermarkets. Even if your company does not have a branch in Japan or lacks a local agent, we can provide an opportunity for your products to gain visibility. In Japan, tasting samples are essential for convincing restaurants and supermarkets to make purchases. This service is available upon entering into a distributor agreement with us.

Pre-shipment Food Inspection

Compared to other countries, food inspections in Japan are complex and rigorous. Importing a large quantity of goods often results in the need to dispose of them if they fail to pass inspections. To ensure a smooth entry into the Japanese market and to avoid potential challenges, we conduct pre-shipment food inspections before initiating full-scale imports. This service is available upon entering into a distributor agreement with us.